If I were to ask you what is your favorite sound what comes to mind? A distant memory? A song with a catchy bass drop, or possibly even something that you may have heard outside walking; But my point is that sound can stick with a person for a very long time. Therefore; I decided I was going to make a sound effect box with twelve buttons and twelve different sounds.

Equipment Needed

  • Raspberry Pi
  • 12 buttons
  • 2 speakers
  • A box (I used the box of my playstation 5)
  • LOTS of patience..

The overall steps and process of this project were not extremely difficult, even with me not knowing anything about raspberry pi prior to this project, but I will say it was enjoyable in the long run.

  1. Download sound samples into raspberry pi – for me being a big fan of 90s cartoons I chose a lot of cartoonish sounds to play with! (Rocket power was the best!)
  2. Box design – When originally researching this idea I saw a lot of people using 3d printers to make all these interesting designed boxes, but I went the simple route and used my PS5 box…GET A BIG ENOUGH BOX TO SUPPORT ALL CABLES
  3. Connect buttons to the raspberry pi – being a beginner I used pinout.xyz to help with finding the corresponding pins
  4. Connect to python 3 – There are multiple ways to do this coding according the the many projects I looked at, but I followed a simple coding and was able to have 11 of my 12 buttons work unfortunately

This project and all the steps involved have definitely opened my eyes to more technology because I have never been this involved in technology to the fact where I did not know this much about it where I have to do loads of research on “basic words.” My intentions with this project were to simply just have fun and try and learn some of raspberry pi but i walked away with a cool little box and some sounds that brought back some childhood memories.


  • Youtube
  • Instructables: Sound box
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