For this project, I chose to stream music through the Raspberry Pi. To begin, you’ll need these materials:

  • Raspberry Pi Computer
  • Micro USB Power Supply
  • Micro SD Card
  • Speaker with Audio Jack Cord
  • CF/SD Card Reader (To use as an adapter for my Mac computer to write the Micro SD card)

The only materials I needed that didn’t already come in the kit were the speaker with the audio jack cord and the CF/SD card reader.

The main tutorial I followed can be found here:

I also referenced this tutorial as well, especially when setting up the Volumio app and connecting it to Spotify:

Following the tutorials, I used Volumio as the main program for streaming music through the Raspberry Pi. I was able to download Volumio onto my laptop here: I also needed the programs balenaEtcher ( and the Raspberry Pi Imager ( I used Spotify as my music streaming service and added it as a plugin to the Volumio app I downloaded onto my phone.

The tutorials walked me through the step-by-step process and I was able to successfully have my Raspberry Pi Music Player! My end result looked like this –>

I’m able to wirelessly stream and control my Spotify music using the Volumio app on my phone, which plays through the speaker connected to the Raspberry Pi.

I was a little worried when I began this project, seeing as I’d never worked with technology in this way before and barely knew what I was looking at with the Raspberry Pi, but I’m really happy with the outcome I was able to achieve. I think what helped me the most was using both tutorials to further detail each step and using a lot of trial and error when I ran into issues. At the very start of this project, I found a YouTube video of a beginner’s guide to streaming with the Raspberry Pi ( that gave me a basis of what I was dealing with. Even though I didn’t use the video to help me create my music player, I strongly suggest watching if you’re a beginner who needs a bit of a walkthrough on the Raspberry Pi itself.


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