Hayden’s Raspberry Pi Music Player

For this project, I chose to stream music through the Raspberry Pi. To begin, you’ll need these materials: The main tutorial I followed can be found here: https://cdn.volumio.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/QSG-Volumio-2022-2.pdf I also referenced this tutorial as well, especially when setting up the Volumio app and connecting it to Spotify: https://pimylifeup.com/raspberry-pi-volumio/ Following the Read more…

Pumpkin Pi

Kaileigh’s Pumpkin Pi Project

My goal was to make my raspberry Pi kit be used as a lighted device in my pumpkin. I wanted to create some sort of a light show for the inside of my pumpkin. My project was a success! One of my favorite movies to watch around the holidays is the Adams Family movie. I wanted to create a way for my “lightshow” to go by the theme song of this movie. Growing up one of our traditions every year for Christmas is to go to the Nicol’s Christmas Light Extravaganza. They have a Christmas light show that goes along with its own radio station. I wanted to create something similar, but for Halloween.