Hello, my project was Go Pi Go.

GoPiGo is a Raspberry PI robot is considered to be an explorer of new computer science and connect a coding to real world problem solving.  GoPiGo can capture and output audio through a camera module and USB device.  On your computer you will connect to the WI-FI to use the GoPiGo without a password.  When you are connected the light will turn green letting you know you are connected this is when the GoPiGo will take over.  The Raspberry Pi is used to learn programming skills, build hardware projects, and do home automation.   

Telsa used Raspberry Pi boards and draws negligible added voltage supporting all Telsa models and shipping all of the configured and is ready to use.  GoPiGo is not just a robot car but it makes learning about technology more accessible and very interesting for everyone to learn computer language, science and   experience building a robot that runs on your command. It did not take a lot to build the Go Pi Go but it you have to start from scratch I would visit your college’s library and YouTube video on how to build it. The Raspberry Pi Kit is a major component that goes with the Go Pi Go and if it is no put together then you will need a basic screw driver because all the parts are included. The link to build this robot is  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03O7JPaoYRs. Go Pi Go is a robot and what it does is moves around just like a car but it is be control by computer software and Raspberry Pi.

I really enjoy working on this project, I recommend that you spend so time watching the YouTube video describing how to build the Raspberry Pi 2 Go Pi Go.


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