I decided on day one to base my Raspberry Pi project on creating a RetroPie. For the sake of clarity, a RetroPie build is the programming of a Raspberry Pi computer to emulate classic video games, often using a variety of games from a variety of potential supported game consoles. The entire project largely consisted on formatting the Raspberry Pi to run the appropriate RetroPie OS and obtaining the appropriate game ROMs to emulate.

I was able to use the Raspberry Pi Imager to flash the thumb drive with the SD card to install the RetroPie OS, which when files are formatted, functions as the UI. The UI differentiates the different consoles being emulated while running the RetroPie.

Ultimately, I ended up using my kit, including a Raspberry Pi 3, power supply, MicroSD with a USB card reader, and HDMI cable. I also used another SD card reader and SD card to burn the game ROMS as well as an Xbox One S/X wireless controller I connected via a Micro USB cable to use as a gamepad.

Emulating games is something I had little experience with but always wanted to do. I had a great time doing this project.


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