With my Raspberry Pi, I have chosen to compete a project using the computer’s camera module ability. I wanted to create a time-lapsed animated GIF. This being a looped video composed of pictures taken over a certain time interval. As for the topic of the pictures, I used a candle melting as my main focus.

 My first move was downloading the software ImageMagick to my raspberry pi, which would take the time-lapse pictures taken and automatically turn them into a looped GIF. But to make this happen I had to create and run a script stating each of the command. For this I used the Python coding language in the terminal of the Thonny program. To make the whole process happen, I would need to script each step, which would include taking 10 pictures in a span of 10 minutes, send those pictures to my file library, take the pictures from there and send them to ImageMagick to be created into a looped GIF. The final product from this process is a looping GIF.

To complete a project such as this, I needed to check out the Raspberry Pi Kit from Delta’s library. Included in this kit was: 

  •  HDMI cable
  •  Quick start guide
  •  GPIO header quick reference 
  •  Micro-SD card reader guide
  • Micro-SD card
  •  USB Micro-SD card reader
  •  Raspberry Pi Case
  •  Raspberry Pi Computer
  •  Micro USB Power Supply
  •  Wireless mini keyboard
  •  Pi on/off switch

Along with these, I had to check out a few additional items specific to my project. These items were: 

  •  USB computer mouse
  •  Raspberry Pi camera module

When I was doing research to try and learn how to complete a project like this, I stumbled across these two websites. They were the most helpful to me during the entire creation process, and I found them to be very detailed.

With the raspberry pi I was able to create a time-lapsed GIF with ease. Using Python, I was able to script a command that will take time-lapsed pictures and transform them into a short looping video. I used a candle for my point of focus, but the options are endless. I saved the code I used to the raspberry pi’s desktop, so it could be used as many times as needed. 

Overall, I was satisfied with the outcome of my project. Being a beginner in programming, I was surprised at what I’ve learned and accomplished. The time-lapse animation GIF is a great project for beginners. 

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Skate Prof · November 20, 2020 at 3:43 am

This is great Konnar!! I’m so glad you enjoyed the project and got something out of it!

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