The goal of my project was to create a working Raspberry Pi that could play retro video games on a retro TV that would have been used at the time. The components used to make the project include the Raspberry Pi itself, power and display cables, a display adapter, a CRT TV, a keyboard, a micro SD card with an adapter for the OS, a keyboard, and a PlayStation Classic controller. To create this project I used this video as a guide which helped make the entire process a lot simpler. I did run into a few hiccups during this project, one of them being solved by using this site which informed me that I was using an OS version made for a different model of Raspberry Pi. As you can see in this demonstration video the Raspberry Pi is connected to a CRT monitor and is seen successfully loading and emulating the introduction to Crash Bandicoot from the PlayStation 1. I enjoyed the process of this project very much. It felt very rewarding to watch each part of this project come together step by step. I would definitely recommend this project to others, especially if you enjoy some retro gaming!

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