The purpose of my Raspberry Pi Project is that it act like a security camera. When it detects movement it will start recording, and then will save the video. This makes it so that you can go back at a different time and view the video to see what someone is doing or saying. In order to make my project I need my Raspberry Pi, the motion sensor, a Pi camera, micro SD card, HDMI cord with the micro attacter, and a couple extra wires. After setting up the Pi, I then had to doing the coding that makes it so that the sensor could detect motion and then start the recording. This is the tutorial I used to set up my Pi and do the coding, What something moves within the vicinity of the motion sensor, the sensor will pick up onthat movement and tell the camera to start recording. After the sensor detects zero movements, then the recording will stop and save the fudge to the Pi. In Conclusion I really enjoyed working on this project and think it is something that everyone can try as it was farey easy to do. It is a really go project for someone that might not have a lot of coding experience. If you do the security camera I would recommend that you test your code frequently as you write it, so that way when you get to the end there is a smaller chance of errors.


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