I have been so excited to work on this project since the beginning. I had no idea what a Raspberry Pi was until I started this CST course. I’ve always had a thrill for building devices or new home gadgets straight from the box. My family always knows who to call to put together a new item they’ve purchased. I was very skeptical at first, especially since we had the opportunity to choose our own devices to build. I juggled between a PC and a security camera for the longest! Until I finally decided to stick with a security camera.

I was able to travel to Delta’s campus and receive a loaner Raspberry Pi to complete my project. A Raspberry Pi 3 B+ to be exact. There is more models that are a little more modern but the one I received could perform just as well. It includes:

the Raspberry Pi 3 B+
usb micro sd card reader
power supply
mini wireless keyboard
pi on and off switch
1 usb micro sd card reader guide
a couple more guides
32 GB MicroSD card
HDMI cable

I watched a couple of great videos on YouTube that were somewhat self explanatory:

I also checked out a web cam from the school’s library. It’s a Logitech 720p/30 fps. It has a usb cord which can easily plug into the pi. I also already have a monitor from a previous remote job I had which would serve as a screen for what the camera would capture.
As I was arranging all of the parts and connecting everything, I came to a horrible finding. The cord that I assumed to be an HDMI cord was actually a DP cord!!! There is no DP port on the Raspberry Pi 3B+. Everything else hooks up fine. But unfortunately I hade to output device with an HDMI cord to connect to the Raspberry Pi. My heart was shattered.

Overall, I did learn that if I had more income maybe I could have purchased another monitor to display the cameras findings. What I enjoyed most was watching the videos and actually having my hands on one of these little motherboards. I’m not going to give up though, I’m hoping someone I know may have a more reliable monitor.


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