Tutorial/Guide from Wagner’s TechTalk on how to setup RetroPie

RetroPie is used as a way to emulate old games from various systems with extreme ease.


Raspberry Pi Kit

Controller of choice (I used a wired Xbox Controller

https://retropie.org.uk/ RetroPie Installer

What does it do?

RetroPie allows the user to download, install and play old games. People usually use this as an alternative to buying the actual games and systems for various reasons like cost, availability and ease of use.


Personally this was my first time ever working with a project like the Raspberry Pi so adapting to it and finding out the innerworkings was something I really enjoyed as this was my first time doing something even remotely similar to it. If you’re a fan of old games I definitely recommend trying it out and once this project is over I plan on buying my own Raspberry Pi to work with.


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