With this project I decided to do retro pie which was cool because me and my dad got to play the games that he played when he was growing up. It created a cool little bond that we had never done before. I downloaded the things that I needed onto my hard drive which then flashed onto my pie. 

From there I went onto the pie with a controller and changed some things and coded some things so that I would have a better experience also a faster reaction time while using the raspberry pie. I used my Xbox controllers to play the games with my dad and friends. It was cool to play games that I have never been able to play because they are unavailable. 

Parts List 

The parts that I had and used were of course the pie, flash drive, power switch, I also used a connection cord to sync my controller with my raspberry pie.  

Personal Reflection 

So, to start out I had no idea what I was even doing. I had never seen any of these things in my life besides the flash drive. I did not know really how to even start. I came into class and you flashed my chip or whatever it was and then the retro pie was then on my raspberry pie.  

The testing process made me realize that I had no idea what I was doing. I watched a lot of YouTube videos on what to do and how to go about things regarding the project. I felt like since I knew nothing about any of this YouTube would teach me what I needed to know for the most part. But it took me about 10-15 try’s to finally get everything working the way that I wanted it to. It happened each time I thought I had it right and then it wouldn’t work. So, I would have to make small adjustments each time to figure out how to get it to work the right way.  

I actually found a faster microSD card than the one that was in mine originally so that helped speed things a long a little bit more. It also helped me to disable the JavaScript.  

I was really satisfied with how my project turned out I did get it to work, so for me that was a victory in itself. Now it may not have worked the greatest but for me anything would have been okay since I have never done anything like this before in my life. I think that if we get our kits at the start of the first day of class and you spent an entire class day talking about everything regarding the process and such it would have been better for people like me who really did not know what we were doing. But in the end I was excited it worked and I am really proud of myself for stepping into a new thing that I did not know anything about. 

I would of started earlier in the semester on it so I was not so rushed towards the end. I would have asked more questions from the start so I could actually understand and figure out what it is that I actually have to do.

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