Raspberry Pi. Something that I believed to be a dessert had more to do with the technology world than I thought. The Raspberry Pi project in CST-133 has changed my perspective and has taught me so much about technology. My Raspberry Pi is a credit card-sized computer system that runs on the operating system Linux.
The project I choose was Retro Pie! With Retro Pie I played many different retro games: from Resident Evil 1, Crash Bandicoot, and the most extensive Mario collection in the world. The purpose of this project for me was to understand and grasp how to move and operate with the Raspberry Pi and the Retro Pie interface. I have gotten very familiar with the program.
There are many different requirements you will need to start this journey with retro pie!
You will need a Raspberry Pi 3 or better, 16GB micro SD card, USB SD card reader, HDMI, Power Supply, on and off switch, and a keyboard. You will also need to download the ROMS for the games to play them. Retro Pie’s website has a very detailed tutorial you can follow to set your system up and how to get everything working. (https://retropie.org.uk/download/) (https://retropie.org.uk/docs/First-Installation/) I used it and finished it in about ¾ hours with some breaks. There is also a detailed video provided along with a written tutorial.
I would like to explain my journey with Retro Pie, it has given me so much joy to go back and play this retro gaming system. I used to play these games growing up! Crash-Bandicoot was the gaming I grew up playing, it was the first game I ever beat, a little hard to remember. Replaying the first couple of worlds had me later watching videos on the gameplay. It was just a very enjoyable experience! (Healed my inner child)
I say if you have this project with raspberry pi, and have retro pie as a choice choose it! If you love video games this is a great look back at how far video games have come and are developing! I enjoyed this project!


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