The RaspberryPi, though simple in appearance, can offer some great opportunities in exploration. One of the more popular avenues that many take with this piece of hardware is the RetroPie. The RetroPie is a type of software used for game emulation. While this typically includes games from the earlier years, hence the name, with a little creativity, this can be extended to slightly newer versions of the games you love.

List of Items:

  • Raspberry pi
  • MicroSD Card
  • Power Supply
  • Gaming Controller
  • HDMI Cable (micro HDMI for Pi 4)
  • Desktop or Laptop


RetroPie has multiple ports from many of the consoles from older generations that can be played on a Raspberry Pi device. For example, many of the games from the PlayStation 1 era are playable on the RetroPie. To accomplish the task of porting the games┬áto the RetroPie, one must download the games file, or ROM (read-only memory). Though this isn’t a challenging task, it is important to utilize updated websites for the most credible information.


The project, while fun, offered a slight challenge to when working with both software and hardware. This made it feel more experimental and fun. Overall, it was a great first project as it taught me a lot about the nature of working with new technology akin to the RaspberryPi.

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