Since I am not the most tech savvy I did one of the easier projects. For this setup the following materials will be needed:

  • Raspberry Pi
  • Breadboard
  • LED Light
  • 2 Male to Female Jumpers
  • Resistor
  • Micro USB Power Supply (or other power supply depending on the computer being used)

The following video is the tutorial I used to set this project up:

Here is what the finished product should look like after setting up and plugging in your raspberry pi. It’s only purpose is to light up when successfully put together.

Going into this project I did not have all of the materials I needed because I ordered a project kit, not the raspberry pi itself. Because of this, I had to go check out a kit later at the delta library. Aside from this minor setback I would say the setup of this project ran rather smoothly. It was also satisfying for someone like me who does not normally like to deal with technology to complete a task like this. Overall, doing this simple project makes me want to get a raspberry pi of my own to keep building my skills in this area. In the future I would like to build on this project by making the light go off for a purpose like a timer or something of that sort.

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