I utilized a program called the Pi Musicbox for this project. This program has a ton of features and capabilities that make it ideal as a music player. A different device is required for this project because it is a headless music player. I’m using my desktop at home.

Since the entire project relies on audio, if I owned a Raspberry Pi, I might consider purchasing a USB Audio Card or a sound card for it. HiFiBerry and IQAudio are the two add-on audio card manufacturers that are supported. Given that the Raspberry Pi is based on Raspbian, the majority of audio cards designed for it should work. All around the auido is just fine without it though. Especially for a fun project.

After figuring out how to install Musicbox correctly and opened it in a browser (http://musicbox.local). I then went to settings to configure Spotify. I’m pretty sure it requires premium but I already have it with the student deal where you get it half off.

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