The Raspberry Pi is very capable of many different things, though not the most powerful pc overall its highly capable for its size. I have enjoyed using the Pi and could see myself getting my own, There’s so much to be done with the Pi. From playing retro games to using blender to model, to encrypting and decrypting files using Python. So getting into it, using the Pi, a monitor, mouse and keyboard I did two different projects.

Project 1. For the first project I simply installed and ran blender. Blender is a 3d modeling and design application that can be easily installed on the pi. By issuing a sudo command I installed blender no problem, I did not expect the best performance and simply wanted to test the Pi. It was able to run but it was extremely slow and laggy, and overall was difficult to do anything crazy.

Project 2. So for the second I wanted to try and do something different. I installed py-enigma on the pi by issuing a sudo command. The Enigma is a cipher machine used in WW2 to decode and encipher messages, py-enigma is this same machine but in an online sense. It is installed onto my Pi so I can use it to set up the encryption and decryption files. So by installing this and using Python’s IDLE3 I created an encryption and decryption file. The encrypted file takes text and encrypts it to be sent as a secret message, The decryption file takes encrypted text and deciphers it.


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