I wanted to use the Raspberry Pi3 to make a system that would detect a face or body when someone entered the view of a camera. Unfortunately, when beginning my project I realized that my raspberry Pi3 was not working properly. I could not connect the system to a monitor and therefor my project is all theoretical.

To complete this project, you would need a raspberry pi3, an HDMI cord, a monitor, a camera (I planned on using a Wyze camera V2), an SD card, and a keyboard for the raspberry pi3.

I planned on using python to create a code that would detect when bodies or faces appeared in the view of the camera. The camera system would begin recording once a face/body was detected. A time stamp would be included in the recording and a box would go around the face/body that was detected. The code would be set up so that the camera would only stop recording if the face/body wasn’t detected for 5 seconds. This was to avoid storing a bunch of millisecond long videos of someone going in and out of view. The video that I link below describes the code and how it works very well.

I was a bit disappointed that I wasn’t able to create this project hands-on, especially after watching the video of the code and all the adjustments that could be made to really customize it. I was excited to see how I could recreate the code to make it work with the cameras that I had on hand. But it was still very interesting to watch and see how someone else was able to create an entire security system using code.


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