Introduction- For my Raspberry Pie project I decided to try out the Retro Pie. With the Retro Pie, I am able to play retro video games without having to have access to different gaming consoles.

The components needed to complete this project include the Raspberry Pie kit from the library, a game controller which I also borrowed from the library, and some type of monitor which can be a computer monitor or a TV. This page on the Retro Pie website helped me work through the setup of the actual Raspberry pie along with the installation of Retro Pie and the ROMS for the games.

I also found this video very useful and informative and I watched it multiple times to help me work through downloading the Retro Pie onto the SD card.
Here is a picture of the Raspberry Pie all hooked up.
Here is a picture of the Raspberry Pie running a Sonic The Hedgehog game.

Conclusion- The Retro Pie project is a very fun project for those who like to play retro video games or video games in general. There are lots of resources available to help you work through the problems if you run into any so it is very beginner-friendly. I would recommend this project to anyone but in particular, people who are not the most tech-savvy as it is very easy to comprehend with lots of resources to help you out.


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