In this project I will explain the Raspberry Pi Foundation, a UK nonprofit with the mission of promoting computer literacy and facilitating access to computer science education, is the manufacturer of the Raspberry Pi line of single-board computers.

With the 2012 launch of the Raspberry Pi, numerous versions and variants have been made available. The most recent Pi model includes a quad-core Processor clocked at over 1.5GHz and 4GB RAM, while the first Pi featured a single-core 700MHz CPU and just 256MB RAM. The Raspberry Pi has always been around $100 (often $35 USD), with the Pi Zero being the most affordable model at just $5.

My main Idea is the Raspberry Pi Camera Board, and I will how it is a custom designed add-on module for Raspberry Pi hardware. It attaches to Raspberry Pi hardware through a custom CSI interface. The sensor has 5 megapixel native resolution in still capture mode. In video mode it supports capture resolutions up to 1080p at 30 frames per second.

I really enjoyed making this project because it is in my favor to learn about upcoming technology. And how it can be used to help people with their daily lives.

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