The purpose of this project was to gain a basic understanding of the Raspberry Pi and to utilize it in some way. I utilized the Pi by installing Raspberry Pi OS (32 Bit) and running two lines of code to install a media player which plays MP4 videos off a USB drive inserted into the Raspberry Pi. I acquired this code from Will Lawson’s “Raspberry Pi Video Looper: How to setup” tutorial on Youtube. The project is located here.

To accessorize this basic project, I ran the HDMI cable from the Raspi to a HDMI-to-AV converter box, and then ran the AV cables to a RF converter. From this RF converter I ran a coaxial cable with a 3.5MM analog connector attachment into my 5″ analog TV from the days of yore. I was also able to connect and use an antenna on my RF converter instead of connecting cables to the TV, but the signal was weak and the image and audio on my TV was terrible.

Due to time constraints caused by countless failed attempts to install many other defunct media players to my Raspi, I was not able to fine-tune the final video/audio on the analog TV, and I only managed to get choppy audio and semi-clear video.

I recommend that you spend some time familiarizing yourself with every item in the kit before you even consider doing a project. I did not want to deal with the initial learning curve of the wireless keyboard in the kit and severely regretted it because I had to reconnect my mouse and keyboard from my desktop to the Pi constantly. Use the wireless keyboard from the start.

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