RetroPie is a single-board of computers developed to teach basic computer science. I decided to create RetroPie for my final project because I thought it would be super cool to reminisce over games I used to play. RetroPie was inexpensive to create and the instructions were easy to locate and follow.

Several things were needed for this project such as the Raspberry Pi kit, USB mouse and keyboard, a game controller, flash drive, ethernet cable (optional), and a smart TV. Most of these things many people have lying around their house so that is what made this project work for me. If you don’t have these items already they are easy enough to rent if you are a current student or buy cheap on amazon.

As I mentioned in my statement earlier, instructions for this project were super easy to navigate. I found many links to useful tutorials that were also very easy to follow. I ran into my share of problems but I was able to fix them all with the help of the videos I came across. Some useful links for this project are listed below.

I put several hours of work into this project but it was worth being able to play some oldies. The only downfall I had was the slow connection (probably because I used a super old ethernet cable). I am proud of myself for completing this project all on my own and troubleshooting errors myself. It was so much fun and I would definitely recommend this project for everyone!

Finished Assembly
Ready to play!


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