The project that I chose to do was the RetroPie Project. The purpose of this project was so I could create a space where I could play various games and learn to create my own. I used the Raspberry Pi kit that was given to me at the beginning of the project to do this. I used other materials such as an HDMI cord, keyboard, and a monitor to have the screen and project shown so it was easier to access. To create the project I used many tutorials in order to achieve my goal. I used this video  Raspberry Pi LESSON 1: First Boot and Configuring the Desktop, Panel, Menu and Preferences – YouTube as a guide so I could learn how to download the software for the Raspberry Pi. I also downloaded RetroPie Download – RetroPie and had to flash an SD card  balenaEtcher – Flash OS images to SD cards & USB drives and 7-Zip. After that I connected my controller and used these codes to get into RetroPie and Raspbian

-sudo apt install git lsb-release


git clone –depth=1

 cd RetroPie-Setup

chmod +x

sudo ./

After this I downloaded ROMS and transferred them onto my Raspberry Pi How To Add Roms To RetroPie – Raspberry Pi Video Game Card Rom Tutorial – RetroPie Guy – YouTube and I viewed this video as a tutorial. The images that I included will show me coding and getting Raspbian and RetroPie.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed this project and found it fun to explore what a Raspberry Pi can do. I think this is a fun project and can really help with learning about coding and furthering your knowledge.


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