My intentions for doing this project were simple. To relive some childhood memories and actually try to complete some of the games I used to paly as a kid. Its also quite neat, being a gamer, to have such a huge library of video games at my disposal.

I ended up buying a Cana kit online, since I have future plans for this pi. Some items included with the kit:

  • raspberry pi 4
  • 128GB micro SD card
  • Case w/fan
  • power supply
  • micro HDMI to HDMI cable
  • micro sd card reader

Some other items I ended up needing/used:

  • flash drive
  • usb controller
  • some sort of TV/Monitor

I followed the setup guide online ( It was a big help with this project. Retropie uses files, called roms, to run an emulator (video game) without needing the actual game system (PlayStation for example). In my case I chose Frogger, since its something me and my wife both played as kids. Its also easy enough for my daughter to play 🙂

I enjoyed the learning process of Retropie. I can definitely say that this is one of the more enjoyable projects I’ve done. I love scrolling through the library of video games and remembering the ones I enjoyed so much as a kid. Retropie is a must for anyone who loves video games.


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