My name is Kaitlyn, and in this post I am going to share some information on the Raspberry Pi project that I chose for the duration of this class. Out of all my options, and there were quite a few, I chose to create a music player. I love listening to music, so I thought this was a fitting choice for me. Basically, as the name of my project states, once everything is completed the Raspberry Pi should be able to play music without being hooked up to a computer or another device, other than a speaker of course. There is a list of items that are needed to complete this project, though. Some of the ones I mentioned are more for ease, but I listed them anyway:

  • Raspberry Pi
  • Laptop
  • SD card
  • SD card reader
  • HDMI cord
  • Power Button
  • Ethernet cable
  • Monitor
  • Speaker

There are a few resources that helped me along the way, so the following is a list of links to those sites that helped me: this website guided me on how to properly flash an SD card This link gave some explanation on how to download and install Rune Audio Lastly, these two links are to forums from Rune Audio’s website of other people’s inputs that helped guide me and

Sadly, I was unable to fully complete this project and get my Raspberry Pi to play music. For some reason I had many troubles throughout this process, so I can’t quite share a fun video of it playing music. However, when this project is fully complete, it can play music without another device, all you need is the Raspberry Pi and a speaker.

To sum up my experience with this project, I will start by saying that it was different than anything I have ever done. However, I am bummed I was unable to fully execute it and get it to play music. It would have been neat and convenient to use the Raspberry Pi rather than my my phone all the time. I wish I could share some tips I learned to maybe help someone else out, but to be honest I was unable to really figure some of those out myself.


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