The world is full of cameras in technology, buildings, and entertainment. The little lenses capturing every moment for better or worse and transferring it back to a device to be watched. I chose to attempt to create a security camera because I have always been more invested in things that had applications outside of class, which is why it seemed to be a perfect project for me.

I researched the topic on the internet to become familiar with the processes, the parts, and the camera as a whole. I found the answers I was looking for on numerous different websites and videos on Youtube that helped me at points that I became stuck at during the project. With my research and general procedure I asked other more tech-savvy people for their input on my proposed procedures to see if they thought they would work. After they agreed that my procedure could work was when I really got excited about the project!

Resources needed to create a RaspberryPi Security Camera:

  • Raspberry PI Camera Board with connection ribbon
  • Raspberry PI 3 Computer
  • Raspberry PI 3 Case
  • HDMI Cord
  • Ethernet Cable
  • MicroUSB Power Supply
  • MicroSD Card
  • MicroSD Card Reader
  • Computer 
  • Monitor (Can be anything that has an HDMI port)
  • Wi-Fi Router
  • MotionEye OS –
  • –
  • Another device connected to wi-fi (testing purposes)
  • BitsNblobs Electronics Setting up Motion Eye OS Tutorial –

This project will be able to keep an eye on things when a person cannot be there to constantly watch! Since this project can be set up to be wirelessly connected to the wi-fi, as long as there is a power connection the camera can be anywhere. I plan on purchasing my own RaspberryPi to build another camera to keep in the basement around the sum pump. It is in an area that we do not check often and will provide peace of mind to check the camera and make sure everything is working.

I have a newfound appreciation for technology and the unlimited applications for it. I am thankful that this project was assigned because it forced me to learn about something that I was not very knowledgeable of, and gave me an important new skillset. I would recommend this project to anyone looking into technology because the applications are endless, and it is highly rewarding when a project is completed.


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