It is such a hassle trying to find and N64 that is in good condition now a days. One solution is to make your own! Using a Raspberry Pi kit, you can create a game emulator that will allow you to play all kinds of games for any kind of gaming console, without needing the old hardware! It is called Retro Pi and it will let you play all the video games of your childhood.

You will only need a few things to do this; a Raspberry Pi kit, HDMI cable, power supply, game controller with USB connection, SD card (at least 32gb) and a USB drive(at least 8gb). You will need to install a program that can write Retro Pi like this one at nstallation/ is what I used. You will also need to download ROMs of the games you want to play, I got Legend of Zelda from this one

This was a great blast from the past! Playing Legend of Zelda again after years was great to reminisce of the simpler times of playing video games with friends when I was a kid.

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