When I first heard about this Raspberry Pi project, my first thoughts were very nervous. I’m not much of a tech guy at all, I can barely work a laptop let alone try and figure out how to setup a miniature “computer” and somehow create a code that was going to work some lights. But I decided that this was my opportunity to learn, and that I was going to take this as a challenge and get through it one way or another.


Raspberry Pi

SD card



breadboard kit




Below I have included the links to a couple of the resources I used to help me get through the project. My first couple try’s with this project did not go as planned as I struggled with some of the coding in python as well as the setup with the breadboard, and the placement of the resistors. I was able to use a terminal window to code, below I will provide pictures of my breadboard setup and the code I used to do so.


All in all this project taught me a lot, not only did I learn some basic coding, but also how to do some basic wiring. On top of all this I was able to surprise myself with taking a challenge and accomplishing it, although to many it may not seem like much to me this felt like a big step and one I’m super proud to say I tackled. For anyone just getting started with the Raspberry Pi I would highly suggest this as it felt like a great and somewhat simple way to get a basic understanding of things. I really hope you have enjoyed reading about my project and best regards to you and yours.


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