This project interested me because I’ve always been fascinated by time lapse photography. I wanted to try it but was never sure where to start, so I planted cress seeds in a half of an empty eggshell, gave my egg guy (we’ll call him Welvis Cressly) a makeshift body and arms and a distraught expression (because until the seeds sprouted, he had no hair and that upset him).
For this project, I used the Raspberry Pi 3 Model and the V2 8 megapixel Raspberry Pi Camera. I did not have a camera mount, so I taped the camera to a box to stabilize it. I had to set up the project in a spare room so it wouldn’t be disturbed. I opened the blind so the seeds would get some sun to sprout so the light changes are the lamp and the daylight. It only took about two days for the seeds to begin sprouting. I followed this tutorial to set up and complete my project: It was detailed and easy to follow. I didn’t think of it until after the photographs had all been taken, but I feel like I should have used a piece of paper or some other way to change the expression on his face. I would have wanted him to be happy when his cress seed hair grew really tall, but then back to distraught when it fell over. I also could have changed the lighting to make it more stable, except how I did it does show a kind of night and day transition which I think is pretty cool.
I absolutely loved doing this project and will be setting up others. I’d like to start a TikTok account to post nothing but different time lapse images. Except for the things I mentioned, I had no issues with this project. The instructions were fun and easy to follow! 10/10. Would recommend.

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